Full Service Pick-ups

Our team wants to make your life easier. We will come to you and pick up your old equipment so you don’t have to pay for transportation or worry about the logistics. PowerHouse Recycling offers the following pick-up services:

  • On-Site Packing: Our technicians and drivers will come on-site and palletize, pack, and wrap consolidated equipment.
  • Loading: PowerHouse Recycling drivers can load the pallets for the client. If there is no loading dock available, we have you covered with our automatic lift gates equipped on all box trucks.
  • On-Site Hard Drive Shredding: See “Data Destruction” service for more details.
  • De-installs: We offer de-installation of all equipment, including large mainframes and server racks.

PowerHouse Recycling understands the needs of each client varies and works directly with the client to provide proactive solutions. We offer on-site sorting, packaging, and loading services so clients can spend their valuable time and resources focusing on the operations of their core business, not their IT disposal. Have another specific request? No problem.

Contact PowerHouse Recycling today to generate your customized recycling solution and set up a full service pick-up!


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