Asset Management

  • Applicable: PowerHouse Recycling’s asset management services are the perfect avenue for clients with large lots of overstock equipment, tested working equipment pulls, and new equipment unable to be deployed.
  • Record: We will record equipment by make, model, serial numbers, and or asset tag number.
  • Test: Our trained technicians will test each piece of equipment for functionality, condition, and grade to generate the highest possible returns back to the client.
  • Sanitize: All asset tags will be removed and destroyed while all data-bearing equipment will be sanitized implementing a D.O.D grade software (see “Data Destruction” service for more details).
  • Triage: All tested, working, sanitized, equipment will be triaged to be sold by our experienced sales staff, which holds over 25 years of combined asset management experience. All equipment that tests as defective, or cannot pass our extensive data sanitation process, will be triaged to undergo our R2, ISO 14001:2004, and ISO 45001 Certified recycling process.

PowerHouse Recycling’s Asset Management Division allows clients to generate higher return on assets for items that can be re-used and resold to Powerhouse Recycling’s extensive list of certified buyers. Secure, we will triage all items that cannot be 100% data wiped and we will recycle the items under R2, ISO 14001:2004 and ISO 45001 standards. Our skilled technicians will record, test, and sanitize all equipment processed under the Asset Management Division.

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