Powerhouse Recycling opens new facility

By Brad MacAulay

PITTSBURGH — Powerhouse Recycling Inc. has opened the doors at a new facility in Salisbury, N.C., expanding its operations to meet growing demand in the Southeast.

The electronics recycler has opened a 116,000-square-foot operation with four buildings, including an 89,000-square-foot processing building, a shredding system and a horizontal baling system, with a fourth building for specialized technicians.

Sales director Brett Henderson told AMM that growing demand and the need for more space prompted the company’s decision to expand at a new location. “Our old facility was approximately 41,000 square feet and we were working at capacity,” he said. “We were processing around 25 million to 35 million pounds of e-waste each year. We started a second shift at our previous facility, but we needed more staging room.”

The new facility doubles Powerhouse Recycling’s capacity to between 60 million and 70 million pounds per year, according to Henderson.

“Our specialty is offering different levels of customer service,” Lerner said. “We do onsite packaging, onsite hard drive shredding and large data center decommissions.” He estimated that 80 percent of the total e-waste collected by the company is recycled, while about 20 percent is refurbished and sold.

“A lot of large businesses are shifting to cloud-based systems, so the e-waste industry is getting more competitive in IT asset management,” Henderson said. “Most items now contain sensitive data and it is very important to be conscious of this.”


PowerHouse Recycling, Inc