Powerhouse Expanding Employment

Salisbury, NC– PowerHouse Recycling Inc. has announced they will be starting a second shift and hiring fifteen more employees in June of 2014. PHR will now employ just over sixty employees, up from 14 employees less than thirty months ago. Tikelonkicar PHR contributes their growth rate to their constant drive to provide the highest levels of service in the industry while offering strong return on assets back to the client. PHR processes over forty million pounds of eWaste annually through their main plant and strives to continue to grow throughput at least 20% year over year in the short term. The generation of more employment opportunities is directly correlated with the increase in throughput. PHR highlighted the awarding of multiple large contracts through RFPs as a main source of increased throughput during the first and second quarter of 2014.


PowerHouse Recycling, Inc