Contract & Packing Information

Primary PHR Contact:

Garrett Powell

Direct: 704-762-0771

Main: 704-322-3093 or 1855-MYECYCLE

KT State Contract Number: MA 758 1900000447


Information Needed Before Requesting a Pick-Up:

  • Agency Name
  • Pick-Up Contact Name
  • Pick-Up Phone Number
  • Pick-Up e-mail Address
  • Pick-up Address
  • Agency Billable/Payable To
  • Billing Contact
  • Billing Contact Number
  • Billing Contact e-mail
  • Billing Address
  • If items are palletized, wrapped, and ready for pick-up?  If so, how many pallets?
  • If items require on-site packing, rough estimate of equipment (i.e: 60-100 PCs, 50-75 laptops)
  • Do you have a pictures of items/room to be packed?
  • Does the facility have a loading dock?
  • Can the facility fit a 53 foot, standard semi-trailer?
  • Is serialization of hard drives required?
  • Is serialization of any other assets than hard drives required?
  • What are the shipping days/hours available for PHR to send a truck?



Option 1:  Request through PHR’s website portal.  Simply click “KY STATE CONTRACT” on PHR’s homepage (found at the top right).  Click the large “Request a Pickup” button and fill out the required fields.  Or, simply hit back on your browser.

Option 2:  Call or email the PHR’s account representative directly to schedule a pick-up.  Information found at the top of this page.

A pick-up time/date will be provided within one business day of pick-up request.  Pick-up time/dates are typically scheduled 10 business days or less from the day the pick-up was requested.



Packaging Requirements: Powerhouse suggests either palletizing or using gaylord boxes when packaging electronics. See specific examples below for efficiency.



PHR does not require items to be pre-sorted but some sorting, per packing information above, will allow for the most efficient use of an agency’s pallets and gaylords along with PHR’s truck space.



  • A KY agency requests a pick-up and receives a pick-up time/date.
  • A load number is generated and sent with the pick-up time/date. This load number can be utilized to track shipments, settlements, and reports.
  • PHR picks up the shipment of electronics, stages in our secure recycling facility, and processes the load within 30 days of pick-up.
  • Once the load is processed, an invoice or purchase order is generated along with the following reports:
    • Recycling Certificate :Showing agency name, date, and pounds recycled.
    • Certificate of Data Destruction: If applicable.
    • Serialization Report: Serial numbers of assets and or data bearing materials, if applicable.
  • PHR physically mails out the purchase order and business check, along with the reports, or PHR physically mails out the invoice with reports.



This KY Portal should help assist KY agency contract users in information regarding packing, reporting, scheduling a pick-up, and more.  Please do not hesitate to contact the PHR account representative for this KY contract (information found at the top of this page) for additional training requests (both on and off site), packing work instructions/pictures, and more.