PowerHouse Recycling is conscious of the electronics manufacturer’s selling markets and can protect them by keeping their shipments of manufactured goods out of secondary (used) markets, protecting the sale price of new products. Our environmental certifications are compliant with all EPA and other government recycling regulations placed on OEMs. Contact us to generate a customized recycling solution for you!

Whether through Powerhouse Recycling’s industrial shredding and separation system or manual tear down line, any product can be physically destroyed and all commodities can be recycled. A Certificate of Destruction will be issued for each load. The following are some manufacturer applications for physical product destruction:

  • Factory Returns
  • Overstock/Surplus
  • Defects/Quality Control
  • Prototypes
  • Product Upgrades

SMM Electronics Challenge. The EPA is encouraging electronics manufacturers to increase their volume of electronics recycled through the Sustainable Materials Management Electronics Challenge. Find out more and contact PHR for a partnership

O.E.M Mail Back Programs allow O.E.Ms to drop ship consumer electronics recyclables right to Powerhouse’ Recycling’s recycling facility. All electronics will be tracked, audited, and recycled in keeping with e-Stewards, R2, ISO 14001, ISO 45001 and N.A.I.D standards and in full compliance with local, state, and federal EPA regulatory requirements.

PowerHouse Recycling offers “Triple Alignment” with sustainability, security, and supplier diversity corporate initiatives.

Key Powerhouse Recycling Services Often Used By OEMs:

Certified Electronics Recycling, Secondary Market Protections, Warehouse Solutions


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