PowerHouse Recycling places the protection and destruction of a client’s sensitive data as the top priority through the use of state-of-the-art equipment and detailed processes, allowing for true peace of mind. Experienced servicing banks with 500+ branches, financial data centers, and financial headquarters, PowerHouse Recycling is ready to begin generating a secure data destruction and reverse logistics plan for your financial institution today. Whether you are an investment bank, insurance company, credit union, mortgage loan company, building society or other such financial service, we can help you.

Secure Data Destruction for Financial Firms

We boast one of the largest fleets of owned and operated box trucks, semi-trucks, and cargo vans in the e-Waste industry allowing for secure, controlled, and low cost reverse logistics. Customized, PowerHouse Recycling can work directly with financial institutions, and their IT refresh schedules, to arrive on-site to serialize, pack, load, and transport the overturned IT equipment. This is true branch-to-branch logistics.

Compliant: PowerHouse Recycling’s data destruction and sanitization processes meet the requirements set forth by the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act, Safeguards Rule, which requires all financial institutions to have a written, information security plan in place.

Accountable: PowerHouse Recycling’s on-site technicians and drivers have been vetted and cleared through our strict security clearance procedures and background checks. PowerHouse Recycling does not deploy any subcontractors, as all on-site technicians are employed and trained by PowerHouse Recycling. Fully insured, tracked transportation, and many more detailed processes round out the secure, closed loop, data destruction and electronics recycling services offered to financial institutions by us.

Certified: Powerhouse Recycling holds numerous certifications that align directly with environmental, security, and supplier diversity requirements of financial institutions; e-Stewards Certified, R2 Certified, ISO 14001 Certified, ISO 45001 Certified, N.A.I.D (National Association of Information Destruction) Member.

Key PHR Services Often Used By Financial Agencies:

Certified Electronics Recycling, Data Destruction, Data Center Cleanouts, Full Service Pick-Ups, Asset Management Services, Cell Phone Recycling


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