Data Centers

PowerHouse Recycling offers Data Center decommissions and data center clean outs throughout the United States. Experienced, Powerhouse Recycling has removed mainframes, battery back-ups, and tape decks safely and efficiently from data centers, telecommunication hubs, and corporate data farms throughout the United States. Contact a PowerHouse Recycling representative today to set-up a free, on-site assessment for your data center!

Experienced: PowerHouse Recycling has been conducting full service data center cleanouts throughout the country. Decommission, pack, load, and transport all while recycling under local, state, and federal EPA laws.

Accountable: PowerHouse Recycling offers on-site hard drive and data tape shredding (and serialization) services for the data center. A Certificate of Destruction, along with a Serialization Report, would be generated for the job. A Certified Electrician can be brought on-site for jobs that require decommissions.

Secure: PowerHouse Recycling’s on-site technicians and drivers have been vetted, and cleared, through PowerHouse Recycling’s strict security clearance procedures and background checks.

Certified: PowerHouse Recycling holds numerous certifications that align directly with environmental, security, and supplier diversity requirements of the healthcare industry; e-Stewards Certified, R2 Certified, ISO 14001 Certified, ISO 45001 Certified, N.A.I.D (National Association of Information Destruction) Member.

Key Powerhouse Recycling Services Often Used By Data Centers:

Certified Electronics Recycling, Data Destruction, Full Service Pick-Ups


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