Why Powerhouse?


Powerhouse Recycling strives to offer the highest level of customer service in the industry for each load processed time and time again. Attainable account representatives, prompt and on time pick-ups, and customized recycling solutions keeps Powerhouse Recycling as a North Carolina market leader in customer service. We believe in quality customer service before, during, and after the processing of a client’s materials. We strongly believe through our superior customer service, customized recycling, and complete transparency, we can earn our client’s business and hold longevity in our business relationships.

Low Operational Costs

Powerhouse Recycling has built its own fleet of semi-trucks, box trucks, and cargo vans (owned and operated) along with owned and operated hard drive shredders, shredding and separation systems, cross shredders, data sanitization software, and tracking software. By not having needs to outsource transportation, hard drive shredding, and software, Powerhouse Recycling can operate at lower costs thus providing higher return on assets and lower service costs to the client.

Efficient Logistics

Powerhouse Recycling not only picks up full truckloads from clients, we pick up less than truckloads with our “milk runs”. With our extensive client base in North Carolina and other Southeast States, Powerhouse Recycling can schedule multiple “less than truckloads” in an area allowing for little to no transportation costs to our clientele. By owning and operating our own trucks, we can provide much more accurate pick up times to our clientele allowing them to plan accordingly along with offering flexibility in volume changes, on-site services, and loading.


Qualified: Powerhouse Recycling holds the highest environmental, health, safety and data destruction certifications in the industry. Our certifications include e-Stewards, R2, ISO 14001 and ISO 45001. Additionally, we’re a N.A.I.D (National Association of Information Destruction) member. These certifications and NAID membership clearly demonstrate our commitments to excellence with regard to quality, environmental, health, safety and data security performance.


We believe we are not simply a recycler, but a partner of our clients. We will generate customized recycling solutions to allow for a client to be efficient, meet internal documentation requirements, consolidate vendors, and get the best value out of our services. What can PowerHouse Recycling do for you?


PowerHouse Recycling, Inc