We're not just an electronics recycler, we're a partner.

PowerHouse Recycling, Inc. was founded in 2008 in Salisbury, NC and is a market leader in certified electronics recycling and IT asset management services. Recognizing a need for high levels of customer service in the eWaste industry, PowerHouse Recycling Inc’s upper management, who hold over 25 years of combined experience in IT asset management, set out to develop a customer first, high level of service brand.

Through recycling efficiencies, diverse skill sets, and endless research of materials markets, PowerHouse Recycling, Inc is able to offer a wide range of services to accompany certified electronics recycling often at no cost to the client. Full service pick-ups, on-site hard drive shredding, and data center clean outs are just a few of many services Powerhouse Recycling offers to a wide range of industries. Based out of North Carolina, we service businesses all over the country.

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PowerHouse Recycling, Inc