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About PHR

Electronics are created everyday to innovate technology for the future. Technology is escalating at such a speedy rate that when new electronics hit the market they are already considered obsolete. This mass explosion is wreaking havoc on our environment because of the quantity and toxicity; resulting in an unwelcome byproduct. Electronic waste (e-waste) such as televisions, computers, and computer components contain toxic substances. This includes lead, mercury, cadmium, phosphorus coatings, and brominated flame retardants. These toxic materials can be released upon disposal, causing a menace to human health and the environment.
PowerHouse Recycling holds the key to simply eradicating e-waste. We provide the best education and lowest cost electronic recycling solutions. PowerHouse Recycling was formed to deliver responsible, audited, and environmentally sound methods of electronic disposal, salvaging valuable commodities from obsolete electronics. Our goal is to be the premier recycling resource and environmental partner for businesses, institutions, organizations and individuals throughout the United States. We will accomplish this by conservation and responsible utilization of scarce resources. We have created a full circle approach to environmentally sound management of e-waste. PowerHouse Recycling eliminates all customer liability and promotes trustworthy transactions by treating all material and information as if it were sensitive and will be disposed of according to the N.A.I.D. code of ethics (National Institute of Information Destruction).  PowerHouse Recycling holds accountability for each of its employees and their actions. For this reason all of our employees undergo thorough screening processes including: verification of U.S citizenship, background checks, extensive training, and a signed Confidentiality Agreement provided at time of hire.

Our HeiarchyEstablished in 2008, PowerHouse Recycling is a woman-owned full electronic recycling facility providing the best environmental solutions. Our company’s main business and expertise, however, is the recycling and recovery of bulk commodities (i.e. metals, plastics, glass, & printed circuit boards) into reusable products. As an R2/ ISO-14001:2004 Certified recycler Powerhouse Recycling is wholly committed to protecting our environment; which is reflected in all aspects of our business practices. With a 0% landfill goal, the company continues to educate the community to actively participate in responsible recycling, thus keeping electronics out of undeveloped countries and our waste streams. PowerHouse Recycling’s primary focus is working with local and state agencies, recyclers, generators, and consolidators for all their recycling needs. The company also provides assistance to local businesses, non-profit organizations and commercial property managers in the recovery of electronics for recycling, and remanufacturing. Our team is very knowledgeable, personable and professional. Working with us will provide you a great opportunity to save time and money, as well as provide your company with a positive image as an active environmental protection partner. PowerHouse Recycling uses all of our resources to provide our customers with a turn-key approach for all electronic recycling and data destruction needs. With 50,000 square feet of space we house sorting, data security, end-of-life processing, shredding, baling, testing, re-building and redeploying usable equipment.

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